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Neva Masquerade Cats

A lot of years we presented on this site a list of Neva Masquarade breeders worldwide.
Unfortunately we got no new entries for the breedbook in the last time, so we decided to cancel this site.
Here you find our other homepage:
Neva Cat

Breed portrait
Neva Masquerade
Newskaja Maskaradnaja
Siberian Cat Neva Masquerade

The Neva Masquerade as well as her "sister" the Siberian cat has its
origin in Russia. The Neva cat is only known in Middle Europe since the
fall of the "Iron Curtain" and is therefore still quite unknown over here.
Perhaps this is an advantage because due to the short time of breeding
history the cats are still very healthy and without optical extremes.
As the Neva Masquerade forms a pedigree together with the Siberian
(which is available in all "normal" fur colors) they are mating together.
Therefore, it is possible that although a pure Siberian mating is done
the litter can contain Nevas as well as Siberians, presumed that both
animals are point carriers.

Lovers of "natural" breeds have thus the unique chance to unite a masque
cat with a forest cat. Being a masque cat all Nevas have blue eyes and a
light body fur with which the dark parts (the so-called points) of the
"colder" body regions as face, ears, tail and legs contrast.

 The Neva as it is called in shortform is a naturally developed half-longhair
cat with undercoat. Similar to all semi-longhaired breeds the volume of the
fur differs according to the time of the season. In winter the fur is much
longer than in summer. The cats wear extremely long coating at the neck,
thick and solid on the back and bushy on the tail. When the weather gets
warmer in spring, the fur is getting thinner in total, only the tail remains bushy
all year. You will now hardly believe that the Neva is a semi-longhaired cat.

The fur of the Neva is easy to handle. Combing or brushing once a week is
absolutely sufficient as the fur does not tend to get matted. Neva cats can
be called "children of nature" who are still able to take care of their fur.

Neva cats have a wonderful character and are a beloved companion for
humans and other animals. They absolutely love to cuddle and are gentle
and joyful animals who sometimes love to make nonsense.

From time to time the Neva starts to "talk" to her humans with her soft
and melodical voice. For children she is a comprehensive and patient buddy
in every aspect of life.

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